A month long annual event which puts the spotlight on locally created content.

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Comics Soft Launch by 3 Local Female Comics Creators

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Join award-winning local comic artists in this casual and interactive session as they tackle the big questions in comics from how to get started, to common mistakes and pitfalls, and how to keep the passion alive. Includes Q&A session.

Also, bring home an exclusive signed copy of your favorite artists’ work!

23 July Sat 2pm, Library@harbourfront
@xuanyeo @adealwithlucifer @rixoupsr

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Puracomixmag & Portfolio Consultation
16-07-2022 (Saturday)
Jurong Regional LibraryDive into the titles featured by Singapore’s longest-running Original Comics mentorship and showcase platform – PuraComixmag. Whether you enjoy Adventure, Fantasy, Slice of Life comics, or light novels, there will surely be something for you.
Can’t wait to get started? Share your portfolio with the professional editorial team from TCZ studio and receive advice on any pain points and suitable avenues and platforms to upgrade and showcase your skills!

09-07-2022 (Saturday)
Clio.D is an experienced art educator, as well as the author of the Libera Nos A Malo and Kev!n comic series. Join her as she touches on the basics and finer points of comics panelling and creating a visual narrative!

Sg Cartoon Resource Hub by Ho See Kum

02-07-2022 (Saturday)
Introduction to ComixGuru & published works.
‘Why be an arts educator?”
“Art educator perspective on using comics in schools education”
“Arts education in the 21st Century”
“Intro SG cartoon resource hub”